Hiring Freelancers: 5 Mistakes You’re Making (Unknowingly)

While local freelance platforms have made hiring service providers much simpler, things aren’t without challenges though. In fact, hiring freelancers is more hassling than ever. No wonder, hundreds of individuals and businesses end up with wrong freelancers every day. And needless to say, a wrong move here results in unfavorably affecting their businesses/brands.

Are you looking for a reliable freelancer online?

Whether you’re new at this or have ample of experience hiring contractual and one-time professionals, chances are you’re making quite a lot of mistakes throughout the process—and that, without even knowing.


So if you want to ace your recruiting skills and hire best freelancer, here are 5 mistakes that you should do away from immediately:

  1. Avoid the “big” freelance platforms—there’s just too much of hassle there. And it could get quite confusing and hectic if you’re low on your organizational and planning skills. Look for different names. Beyond the first page of Google, there exist many freelancing platforms that are just as good as the popular ones, if not more.
  2. Don’t list multiple times. You may have been advised that having multiple listings can improve your chances of finding best and cheapest freelancers. But it’s a complete flawed idea. And add to that the stress and confusion of getting so many bids and selecting one from them—it’s all too much!!
  3. Go for the specialist or expert and not a generalist. You want your work done with fine accuracy. And only those who have specialized knowledge in/about their niche can deliver on your this need and expectation adequately.
  4. (Please) Look beyond the proposals of your potential freelancer online. Often times, these proposals are mechanical with copy-paste details. If you want to hire the best, you have to give your best as well. Look at their past work, websites and other portfolios to identify their expertise and credibility.
  5. Don’t bargain for the cheapest price. The normal economics says that there is always a trade-off between quality and price. When the price goes down— so does the quality. So if you want high quality work, you must be ready to pay decent for that. No good freelancer would ever work for you if you’re sparring cheap bucks.

These are 5 mistakes many people make – unknowingly – when hiring local freelance professional. Don’t be one of them. Understand everything around, sort your needs and your freelancer’s demands and then make any decision accordingly. Leave no room for any mistake.


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